Flannel and Whiskey was founded in November 2013 on a cold and wet riverside campout. Two men, who both happened to be wearing flannel shirts, shared a bottle of whiskey, laughed and told stories around a crackling campfire into the late hours of the night. There wasn't a care in the world except for being in that exact moment. The next morning, it was decided that all you need for a great adventure is a Flannel, and some Whiskey.

Flannel - freedom, contentment, simplicity

Whiskey - rebellion, laughter, kinship

Many of us continue to lose touch with the natural freedoms life provides us because we’re too busy. Flannel and Whiskey is a reminder to step away from the repetitiveness of everyday life and MAKE TIME.

We aren’t a just brand. We are a way of life, and a community.  A community of like-minded individuals who make time to pursue their passions, away from the mundane noise of our daily routines. 

Flannel and Whiskey stokes the flames that burn in our souls - for the outdoors, the open road, a great rock show, and for that even greater story at the end of it all.


Make Time!