About Us

Origin Story   

Life gets really busy. After years of not seeing each other, two best friends planned to reconnect. In the fall of 2013, they set out on an overnight river camping trip. A massive cold front and pouring rain threatened to postpone the adventure, but the weather cleared in time for a late-afternoon launch. They paddled small kayaks, so they only packed the essentials: flannel shirts and a bottle of whiskey.

The next morning, after the headaches gave way to the rising sun, the friends prepared for the paddle out. They shared stories and laughed about the night before, but were quickly silenced by a black bear who walked directly into camp. The bear took one look at the disheveled men, did an about-face, and walked away.

The friends emerged from the wilderness and waited for a ride back to their truck. They agreed that a campfire and great conversation can completely reset the soul, and planned trips like this are essential to the human experience. They imagined there were a lot of people out there who needed a similar reset.

They did a quick search of domain names, then decided to channel their collective skills into this completely unplanned and new side project. The goal? Inspire people to make time to reconnect with each other and the outdoors. Just as they had done.

Most brands start with a simple idea and a great name. Flannel and Whiskey is no different.