Night Camp

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Limited Edition Artist Series

This design in our Artist Series comes from Graham Cameron. It's a beautiful image that we think sums up what most people see when they hear the words Flannel and Whiskey.  You can also pick up this design in our t-shirt collection.

About Graham:

"Having previously worked as an engineer, I moved into tattooing 3 years ago after a year away traveling. Whilst art had always been something I enjoyed and appreciated, a career as an artist wasn’t something I had ever imagined myself doing until approached by a local studio and offered an apprenticeship. An unusual and unexpected opportunity for sure, and one based on small drawings of mountain scenes I had been posting to social media. Living in Scotland and being a keen hillwalker gave me the basis for my artistic direction, trying to recreate my surrounding scenery into something that was tattoo-able and eye catching. Ultimately, changing careers at the age of 30 was the best decision I’ve ever made."

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Instagram:  @11____13
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• 3" x 2"
• Weather and UV resistant